Sep 9, 2010

Who is responsible for "Burn a Koran Day"?

Fact: A Baptist church in USA plans to burn copies of the Koran on the anniversary of 9/11. Pastor Terry Jones, who leads the congregation in the city of Gainesville, Florida, said burning copies of the book was a way of standing up to terrorism. The move has gained worldwide attention and criticism despite the fact that the church has a congregation of just 50 members.

VW (View from Wirtland): Worldwide attention... that's the keyword. Burning books is absurd and useless action by definition. Burning books considered saint by millions is absurd and dangerous. But it's not a crime, so who would care about a backyard bonfire, unless you read about it in every newspaper? "It is media attention that makes this action symbolic. If it was not for the massive coverage, the action's effect would be zero", - commented Chancellor of Wirtland. So, who is to bear responsibility - a tiny group of 50 from Gainesville, or global news services who make a global sensation out of a local folly?


  1. Evil begets evil, unless someone is willing to break the chain and address the real underlying issues.

  2. just for posting about this here you're collaborating with the media spread!