Aug 20, 2010

Roma people (gypsies) to leave France for Romania

Fact: Second chartered flight carrying Roma, often referred as Gypsies, is scheduled to leave France on Friday, a spokesman for the nation's minister of immigration said. The flight will have about 100 Roma aboard. France began the controversial deportation of Roma on Thursday, putting 79 of them on a plane heading out of the country. The Roma who left France on Thursday were heading to Bucharest, Romania, according to the Romanian Foreign Ministry. The deportation is part of what the government says is a crackdown on illegal immigration.

VW (View from Wirtland): The gypsies are now persona non grata in France. They are equally unwanted in their home counties, such as Romania. Perhaps a gypsies' own state (Roma State) is a solution? As a virtual country, Wirtland would propose virtual statehood for the gypsies, as the first step towards full-fledged autonomy. Gypsies are welcome to apply for Wirtland citizenship, which is open and free of charge.


  1. Perhaps, in addition to virtual Roma, we can have a virtual Rebel country--all those who rebel from the ideas and actions of their 'land' countries.


  2. Time for a United States of Europe so that Europeans can move freely anywhere within the EU. You know - Liberty, Equality, Fraternity?